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Go Forth
Fear Not


Reclaim your deck space.

The FRIB has arrived. New to American shores, a strikingly simple, yet stout inflatable RIB is now available through Four Seas which offers the ultimate flexibility, dependability and durability in boating.

This world-patented technology offers a rigid, fiberglass hull that is uniquely hinged, allowing assembly in less than 5 minutes.

Whether stowed in the trunk of a car, a cockpit locker or tender only have an inflatable when you want one.



Roll up inflatables are so yesterday and existing RIBs are incredibly difficult to assemble, leaving you with busted knuckles & wasting half a day. The FRIB has three articulating hinged sections which, when locked, offer a shockingly stable hull that tracks true.

Windy, choppy days become adventurous rather than frightening and those rocky shorelines you feared are no longer off limits.

FRIB 360: First Look

Alex Smith makes the case for this new foldable F-RIB 360. For the full review, click here.