About Us

We’re fortunate, really. As the authorized dealer & distributor of Foldable RIB (based in the UK) for the western United States, we get to sell products we love. We dive. We fish. We surf. We cruise. We explore. And all of these pursuits fit the products we sell. The mother ship in the UK bleeds this same passion.

Visit our showroom in Santa Ana, California to see the products first hand and meet the team. Never again will you feel bothersome or ignored when entering a boating sales office. That’s not our style. Boating is about fun, not status.

A sunset cruise with friends? Cool. Anchoring near a remote surf break? Awesome. Needing a RIB from here to the dinghy dock? No problem. No matter your passion or pursuit, we’re here to help you get on the water. Because let’s be honest, the view from your boat is always better than the view from your cubicle. So get out there already.

Here's how to get in touch with us.

Please call to schedule an appointment or have any questions.

 HQ | Telephone: (714) 788-8784 | Email: explore@fourseas.com

California | Telephone: (714) 323-3778 | Email: chad@fourseas.com

Military, Police and Rescue Services | Telephone: (949) 943-4860 | Email: explore@fourseas.com

Pacific Northwest | Telephone: (425) 785-6406 | Email: kurt@fourseas.com

Hawaiian Islands | Telephone: (808) 354-6838 | Email: explore@fourseas.com

Houston, Texas | Telephone: (832) 799-4269 | Email: explore@fourseas.com

Minnesota | Telephone: (218) 260-0853 | Email: explore@fourseas.com

Annapolis, Maryland | Telephone: (410) 353-4348 | Email: sreuther@annapolishybridmarine.com

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