FRIB 360

FRIB 360


The 360, like all other FRIB models, uses the articulating hinges to greatly reduce its size when not in use. Unlike traditional inflatable boats, the fiberglass hull of the 360 allows it to ride smoothly in all types of conditions. And because the fiberglass hull is efficient, sturdy & stabile, you can pair it with a larger outboard engine. With a maximum 25 horse power rating, this boat can be used for a host of activities whether getting to the fishing grounds, island hopping or simply enjoying time with friends on the water. A true “win/win”.

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Length: 11' 10"

Beam:  65"

Capacity: 1540 lbs. or 4 adults

Weight: 106 lbs.

Engine Size: 10 - 20 hp, max 25 hp

Packaged: 43"x36"x18"