E-Propulsion Spirit 1.0

E-Propulsion Spirit 1.0

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Spirit 1.0 is designed to be an integrated electric outboard with high overall efficiency and long cruising duration. The power of Spirit 1.0 is equivalent to a 3hp petrol outboard. With detachable battery and a foldable tiller, it’s easy to carry and store. All these high-performance features make the Spirit 1.0 an ideal option for tenders, dinghies and sailboats. 

Shaft Size:
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Technical Specification

Input Power: 1 KW

Comparable Gasoline Outboard: 3 HP

Thrust: 66 lbs

Motor Weight: S-21.5 lbs  L- 22.1 lbs 

Shaft Length: S-24.8"  L-29.5"

Propeller Diameter: 11.5"

Battery: 1018Wh Lithium Polymer

Battery Weight: 19.5 lbs

Battery Capacity: 500 cycles 

Battery Size: 16.37" x 10.82" x 7.95"